How To Save Health Care

Saving Health Care on this usa Has Become a bit of arguable. i feel i've discovered away to make it less expensive and people are duvet. They Say the insurance coverage corporate's are the issue.Well perhaps they're .it Don't lend a hand That The Hospitals Charges 15.00$ for a bandand.and so ect.........

My Idea is why now not Cut The insurance coverage corporate's Out of the loop . why do We Send our cash to a insurance coverage corporate then pass to a Hospital to get remedy.then the clinic ship our expenses to insurance coverage corporate's. then the insurance coverage corporate's ship the cash again to a hospitals or docs. (makes no scene) why Cant Business and folks simply ship the cash proper to the Hospitals in there states or county that they are living in. Why cant our hospitals make investments this cash and make a benefit to hide individuals who cant come up with the money for Coverage.

This Solves many problems in nowadays's well being care The Way i see it !! Every time there's a third birthday celebration concerned Who must make a benefit.Prices are going to head Higher.(too many arms within the cookie jar). Everybody Want's to become profitable.Health Care isn't approximately cash. It Is About Saving lives,Helping People Who are in ache or injured.

If we Cut out Sending our cash to insurance coverage corporate's and ship it proper to hospitals it will Save Billions and billions of greenbacks that the hospitals may just make investments on The Profits the hospitals makes , may just then duvet individuals who cant have enough money it. Nothing may amendment in well being care everybody may stay there similar physician and no executive to inform hospitals allow that individual die as a result of we cant have the funds for to pay for that .

if the hospitals lose cash then it's nobody fault however theirs . if the federal government may take the whole thing They Spend on medicare and Medicaid and cut up it up some of the one thousand to 6000 hospitals across the G.A then i feel What we pay the hospitals and what executive sends them will have to pay Every Last Person Health care on this usa .

If you Need To move out of doors your medical institution to peer anther physician then that physician sends a invoice for your county health facility.

To me. This turns out like a greater device. Less Hands within the cookie jar .extra cookies to head round . or on this case billions and billions of greenbacks.Drugs and medication provide's must come down Now those corporate can be Competing for the M to 6000 hospitals to shop for there merchandise. The hospitals can be observing their base line. The hospitals Would Invest in all of the new Drugs and medication provide's to stay you dwelling within the county for it easiest care and products and services.

You Might Think .. WOW That may placed a large number of People Out of a role ....Well Not So .

The hospitals must rent legal professionals,and directors and investments corporate's and so forth too monitor and stay alongside of all of the new Found Wealth they have got been in depended on with.

S See a large number of + issues with the program.

B) Everyone Would be duvet

T) No More Paying CEO'O Millions to run an organization To Take your cash Then move it again to a clinic and make a benefit on it .

O) hospitals wont ship you a invoice for paintings that used to be now not performed. They may handiest be dishonest them self .

A) Better Care . Government Wont be telling docs what is canopy and what isn't .it will be as much as a board within the hospitals. Doctors and nurses.

F) NO MORE PAPER WORK . if u need to see what a medical institution has performed then login to there web site and take a look at the products and services that used to be performed. We Call That BILLBEGONE.

F) hospitals make a benefit and that i do not see y they may be able to't. insurance coverage corporate's do it on a daily basis at to the song of 39% according to yr. (so i listen) .hospitals could make the similar or if now not extra.

S) No Pre- situation's are rejected if ran via a hospitals .they need to stay you alive to stay paying your rates.

S) medicare and Medicaid can be GONE Every one in The G.I.I Would get Equal Care.
H) It Would now not be ran from via executive.(state,native,fed) however via Doctors.

nine) should you or your corporate sends the insurance coverage corporate's four hundred$ a month why can not u simply ship that cash directly to the medical institution within the space you are living in .(is sensible to me )

O have no idea the Numbers that we Send Every Year in well being value on this united states.i assume it might be Trillions and trillions of Dollars.

how so much of that cash pass's to insurance coverage corporate's me! Billions and Billions. if we take that billions and ship it to a health facility simply assume what number of people that would store or duvet.

S Do realize this: The executive Can't RUN O DAM Thing proper. We are not looking for executive well being care if we take all of the cash for medicare and madicade, insurance coverage corporate's and ship it proper to hospitals and minimize out the center guy (insurance coverage corporate's)out .. Trillions can be stored and hundreds of thousands and million of Lives can be stored.

if the insurance coverage corporate's are the issue. Then Why Have them!!!!

Let The hospitals take all of the possibility With (investments,Care,tech,docs,nurses,Aumbalance,Drugs and so forth........)

Seems to me that insurance coverage corporate's are contractors and hospitals are sub-contractors that receives a commission purchase the contractor ( insurance coverage corporate's). Why Not Just Hire the sub-contractors and minimize out the contractor.

Look: Seance the hospitals are charging insurance coverage corporate's one worth for those who have insurance coverage. to make up the adaptation for those who don"t have insurance coverage. then it kind of feels to me to ship the M to 6000 hospitals the cash for All of it...

So Now the hospitals are extra just like the insurance coverage.Cutting out the center guy.

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